#rangolihacks#rangolitricks #rangolitechniques #howtochoosegoodrangolipowder This video contains information about …. 1. How to use a glue bottle to make rangoli dots 2. How to make rangoli tools at home 3. How to use glue bottle for rangoli This is full tutorial with voice for how to make rangoli tools & rangoli tools and techniques Hello friends…. Happy Diwali to all of you. Friends in this video I am going to share tricks,techniques and hacks to purchase a good quality rangoli powder and tricks to make easy and beautiful rangoli quickly so if you are confused that which type of rangoli we should choose to purchase, this video definitely will going to help you alot.If you are a beginner in rangoli making, you will get surprising tips and tricks to make a beautiful rangoli.If you are thinking that why I am unable to make a beautiful rangoli? then this video is going to solve your problem and queries related to rangoli making. So enjoy the rangoli video and be ready to win the rangoli competitions. रंगोली खरीदने से लेकर सुन्दर रंगोली बनाने तक की techniques. #talkingmiththu


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