#outdooranniversarydecoration #anniversaryideasingarden #anniversarydecorationideasathome #birthdaydecorationforhusband #romanticdecoration #valentinedaydecoration This video is about Anniversary decor ideas at home and Easy Decorating Ideas for Outdoor anniversary party. Today I am sharing some unique and beautiful ideas for anniversary decoration in garden step by step. I have done this beautiful romantic decoration at home for my anniversary. I have done this anniversary arrangement in my home garden .This beautiful decoration in white and rose gold color is perfect for candle light dinner with your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also do this decoration to surprise birthday party for hubby. Either you can do this for any kind of little gatherings . This romantic decoration you can do for your first anniversary celebration in lockdown or any other anniversary celebration at home in lockdown. This looks like party planner decoration for anniversary in very low budget at home. This party Planner like decoration is very easy to do at home. This very inexpensive beautiful decoration is under budget and at max this decoration can be done under rs100 to rs200.You will definitely learn How to create a romantic surprise set up on a budget. I have used following items for the decoration…. bamboo sticks lights white shimmer net cloth crate white bedsheets red Roses chocolates I hope you will love this home decoration idea for your special day. Please like and comment my video and subscribe my channel. Follow me on Instagram Facebook #talkingmiththu #howtodecorate

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