#RootTouchUp #haircolr Hi friends In today’s video I am going to share my first attempt of Root Touch Up at home to hide grey hairs.The results of root touch up was fantastic and I am going to save some amount every month which I could save by doing root touch up by self. So in this vlog of beauty and life style :You will learn the following… 1. how to do root touch up at home. 2. how to do root touch up in highlighted hairs 3. Simple and easy way to color hair at home. 4. What to do for hair color at home. 5. How to do hair color at home. 6. How to color white hair at home. 7. L’Oreal majirel hair color #howto #talkingmiththu #haircolorathome This channel is meant for vlogs and decoration ideas in low budget.Decoration ideas for party at home.Decoration ideas for every special occasion like Valentins day,New year,Lohri,Holi ,Diwali.Anniversay decorations in easy and simple way.Birthday decoration at home.Romantic Valentine’s day decoration ideas at home. DIY,easy DIY,5 minutes craft,3 minutes crafts,craft ideas for kids,easy craft for ladies,simple craft,quick craft,cheap DIY,beautiful DIY,simple DIY are available on this channel.

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