Hello friends… Today I am sharing vlog of my Sevakunj ashram visit and Glimpses of President visit in Seva Kunj Ashram chapki Karidand Sonbhadra on 14 March 2021. You will find in video… 1. Vanvasi sewa ashram visit. 2. President speech in Sevakunj ashram Sonebhadra. 3.Yogi Adityanath in Sevakunj ashram. 4. First presidential visit in Sonebhadra. 5. President Ram Nath Kovind in Seva kunj ashram. 6. Adivashi school Birsa Munda. This is a visit to Seva kunj ashram Karidand Chapki Sonebhadra. You will find that 7. Why Seva kunj ashram chapki karidand Sonbhadra is famous for? 8. Seva Kunj ashram Chapki Sonbhadra me kya hai? 9. Role of NTPC in Seva Kunj ashram Chapki. 10. Role of NCL in Seva Kunj ashram chapki Babhni. 11. Birsa Munda Vidyapeeth Sonebhadra. 12. Rastriye swayam sewak sangh and Seva Kunj ashram. 13. Tour vlog of Beautiful place of Sonebhadra. 14. Aadivasi school visit to sevakunj ashram Karidand Chapki Sonebhadra. 15. Where to visit in Sonebhadra. 16. Yogi Adityanath speech in Sevakunj ashram. 17. Governor Anandi ben patel speech in Sevakunj ashram Chapki Sonbhadra In his inaugural speech President Ram Nath Kovind said that tribals should be integral part of the modern development process while keeping their cultural heritage and identity intact.President was addressing a gathering of aadivasi samaj at Sevakunj Chapki Karidand Sonebhadra on 14 march 2021 on the occasion of inauguration of newly constructed building of sewa Kunj ashram. He remembered Bhagvan Birsa munda on the occasion and told that his struggle against British to protect forest wealth and culture relentlessly is inspiration and ideal for not only to tribals but for citizens also.


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