Relation of Ram Nath Kovind and Seva Kunj Ashram Chapki Karidand Sonbhadra and reason behind his visit to Sevakunj Ashram:

This is the third time ,Mahamahim Ram Nath Kovind ji visiting to Sevakunj Ashram chapki karidand Sonbhdra.This is the first occasion when any president is visiting to Sonbhdra district of UP.

In my today’s vlog you will get the many facts and actual reason for the president Ram Nath Kovind’ visit to Seva kunj ashram Karidand Chapki Sonebhadra. You will find that

1. Why President Ram Nath Kovind is coming to Seva kunj ashram chapki karidand Sonbhadra?

2. Relationship of  President Ram Nath Kovind with Seva Kunj ashram Chapki Sonbhadra. 3. Role of NTPC in Seva Kunj ashram Chapki.

4. Role of NCL in Seva Kunj ashram chapki Babhni.

5. Birsa Munda Vidyapeeth Sonebhadra.

6. Rastriye swayam sewak sangh and Seva Kunj ashram.

7. Tour vlog of Beautiful place of Sonebhadra.

8. Aadivasi school in Sonebhadra.

9. Importance of President visit to sevakunj ashram Karidand Chapki Sonebhadra.

10. Where to visit in Sonebhadra.


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