Teej Queen Competition

दोस्तों , इस बार हरियाली तीज का त्यौहार 11 अगस्त 2021 दिन बुधवार को मनाया जायेगा | जल्दी ही मै आप के साथ अपने पिछले साल के तीज कम्पेशन और तीज क्वीन चुनी जाने की वीडियो आपके साथ शेयर करने वाली हूँ | तीज क्वीन कांटेस्ट में मुझसे क्या क्या सवाल पूछे गए थे और मैंने उनका क्या उत्तर दिया था वो सब कुछ अग्ली वीडियो में शेयर करुँगी , अगर आपके कोई सवाल हो तो आप अभी पूछ सकते है ताकि मै उसको अपनी वीडियो में कवर कर सकूँ

Friends, this time the festival of Hariyali Teej will be celebrated on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.Very soon I am going to share with you the video of my last year’s Teej Compensation and Teej Queen being chosen.What questions were asked to me in Teej Queen Contest and what answer I gave, I will share everything in the next video, if you have any question,You can ask now so that I can cover it in my video.

Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej getup

Hariyali Teej dress

Hariyali Teej outfits

Hariyali Teej lahenga

green dress for Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej mehndi

Hariyali teej Rangoli

Rangoli design for Hariyali teej

Rangoli for Hariyali teej competition

Teej Queen Teej Queen competition

How to win teej Queen competition

Ideas for Teej Queen Contest..

  1. Tell the contestent to do any act with any sawan related props like umbrella ,mehndi ,dupatta etc. Give the marks on best acts.
  2. To sing or dance related to Sawan Theme.
  3. Question ,answer round related to Hariyali Teej like why we celebrate Hariyali Teej ? , What to do on Hariyali teej ,What not to do on Hariyali teej etc

Or you can give the title of Teej Queen on following Basis….

The woman who is wearing green dress (saree or suit)

the person who is wearing most extreme green bangles

the person who is wearing green shoes

the person who is wearing ring with green stone

the person who is wearing green hair band or clasp

the one is wearing green ear rings

the person who is wearing green neckband

the person who is conveying green tote

the person who has put green nail clean

the person who is wearing nose pin with green stone

the person who is wearing green emerald

the person who is green bindi

the person who has utilized green eye shadow

the person who is wearing toe rings with green stone

the person who is wearing anklets with green stones

the person who is wearing green belt

the person who is wearing specs with green edge

the person who is having green hanky

the person who is having green brush

the person who is having green mobile cover or umbrella cover and so forth

Today I am sharing here glimpses of Hariyali Teej competition in my ladies club . You will get hariyali teej,teej queen contest ideas,teej queen,teej queen competition,teej queen game,teej question,hariyali teej 2021 ideas . NTPC ladies club Vartika Mahila Mandal organises every year Hariyali Teej Queen Contest. We enjoyed Hariyali Teej songs , Hariyali teej dance and a good gathering of beautiful ladies in Hariyali Teej get up and Hariyali Teej makeup look and dresses. Hariyali Teej Decoration Teej Decoration Ideas #hariyaliteej #teejqueen #हरियालीतीजspecial #हरियालीतीज #talkingmiththu

Hariyal Teej celebration in Ladies Club | Teej vlog | Bridal Theme | Teej Dance |Teej Song | Teejay by Talking Miththu. Friends Today I am going to share that how we celebrate Hariyali Teej in our ladies club .THis is Teej Vlog ,I have been selected as Teej queen in my ladies club teej function . We enjoyed Kajri geet ,sawan geet and dances for Hariyali teej celebration . In video ,you will get an idea for .. hariyali teej teej queen contest ideas teej queen teej queen competition teej queen game teej question hariyali teej 2021 hariyali teej song hariyali teej makeup lo hariyali teej makeup questions for teej queen teejqueen teej celebration teej in ladies club ladies club hariyali teej kab hai teej ke geet teej ka gana teej competition teej celebration ideas teej celebration dance teej special song #talkingmiththu fashion show hariyali teej 2021 date


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